1. If a phrase like ‘the political’ is to mean anything, I would argue, it can refer only to that domain of human action and experience where reality actually is whatever one can convince others to accept. This is precisely what makes it different from other spheres of human activity. After all, if I were to convince everyone in the world that I could fly and then jumped off a cliff, their confidence in my abili- ties would make no difference: I would still plummet to my death. If I were to convince everyone in the world that I was Emperor of Argentina, on the other hand, I would indeed be Emperor of Argentina. Politics, then, is the domain of the performative, but therein lies its central dilemma, its fundamental para- dox—that is, to conduct politics effectively, one cannot admit this. I cannot very well convince the world that I am Emperor of Argentina by telling everyone that if they believe this, it will become true. To play the game of politics, one must constantly insist that there is something else, something more real, lying behind one’s claims. What that is does not much matter and can vary almost infinitely, from divine grace to popular will, national destiny, the right of conquest, or the inevitable unfolding of some historical dialectic. What matters is that it is not seen as sheer performativity. As a result, politics everywhere has always been surrounded by a certain air of buncombe, hypocrisy, and lies.

    — David Graeber, “The Sword, the Sponge, and the Paradox of Performity”

    (Source: eprints.lse.ac.uk)

  2. We are reinventing a lot of ideas around security, privacy, safety, love, marriage, kids, god, violence, the nation state, power, justice, money. Everything is up for grabs.

    —  Genevieve Bell, in "Where Tech Is Taking Us: A Conversation With Intel’s Genevieve Bell" by Quentin Hardy in The New York Times

  3. Scientific Realism vs Anti-Realism
(by the excellent philosophy-in-figures)

    Scientific Realism vs Anti-Realism

    (by the excellent philosophy-in-figures)

  4. 3D weaving can reduce cost and improve structural integrity in architecture →

    "RCA graduate Oluwaseyi Sosanya shows us the 3D-weaving machine he invented, which he claims could be used to create better sportswear, medical implants and even architecture."

  5. Confessions of an Astronaut
(via notpulpcovers)

    Confessions of an Astronaut

    (via notpulpcovers)

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  6. The Japanese Garden Sunsetat the Missouri Botanical Gardens
by Joshua McMichael
HDRI iPhone panorama assembled in Photoshop

    The Japanese Garden Sunset
    at the Missouri Botanical Gardens

    by Joshua McMichael

    HDRI iPhone panorama assembled in Photoshop

  7. Dancers at Rudolf von Laban’s dance schoolBerlin, 1929
(via hierarchical aestheticism)

    Dancers at Rudolf von Laban’s dance school
    Berlin, 1929

    (via hierarchical aestheticism)

  8. How Markets Crowd Out Morals | Boston Review →

    "We live in a time when almost anything can be bought and sold. Markets have come to govern our lives as never before. But are there some things that money should not be able to buy? Most people would say yes."

    - Michael J. Sandel for the Boston Review

  9. How to Be Good - The New Yorker →

    Parfit believes that there are true answers to moral questions, just as there are to mathematical ones. Humans can perceive these truths, through a combination of intuition and critical reasoning, but they remain true whether humans perceive them or not. He believes that there is nothing more urgent for him to do in his brief time on earth than discover what these truths are and persuade others of their reality. He believes that without moral truth the world would be a bleak place in which nothing mattered. This thought horrifies him.”

  10. Abyss Table
    Designer Christopher Duff of Duffy London  has released concept images of the Abyss Table, a carefully layered table made from sculpted Perspex and wood that creates a geographic cross-section of the ocean. The tables will be limited to a series of 25 and are available for purchase here.

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